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this makes me sad... and even sadder still is no more moneys for a renewal :/ oh wells, back to overrides for me :\
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I havent really been much into doing anything digitally lately, but i recently tried a new style of digital illustration.... and since I really haven't posted in a while, I decided why not.

Its about 1/2 done... Collapse )
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I finally got creative out side of the classroom and decide to Collapse )

First of all let me opologize for not commenting on your journals. I have been reading but I guess I just haven't felt like commenting :/ unfriend me if you feel the urge... ill cry but ill get over it, lol j/k

Yeah, college is pretty cool so far, a lil' crazy but fun and try none the less. I'm moving out of my dorm and into another one because the roomies want me to and I dont think staying here would be good, it might cause some "thick air" ya know. I honestly dont care, as long as I stay in juniper I will move, but if there isnt a way for me to stay in juniper im not moving out. Yeah, Ill probably need to go home and get dishes and all that good stuff because I didnt bring anything with me because my roomies had it all when I moved in so mom took all my shtuff home. So thats cool. Whatever getting to college was a tough road so why should being in college be easy? ya know.

Classes are good, their hard but they bring out the creativity in me and make me think. I still dont like mr buddah reincarnated teacher but otherwise the rest of the teachers are all good.

Oh well i think I'm gunna nap, i was up till 2 am last night and didn't sleep well last night, so yeah, nap time that way I can do homework all night since i dont have a class

From the altfriday5:

1. Do you follow any cultural superstitions (e.g., avoiding the number thirteen, picking up pennies)? Nope, I do have a problem with the whole walking under ladders thing.. mainly because those damn cross support things hurt when you ht your head on em'

2. Do you have any personal superstitions (e.g. wearing a certain item of clothing to bring you luck)? Nope, not at all.

3. Did your parents have any superstitions? What were they? Do you believe in them? I don't think so, atleast not that I know of :/

4. Make up a new superstition and share it with us (who know, maybe it will catch on!). Before you walk through a wodden door you have to tap the top then left then right sides of the door jam.

5. Did you notice the date today? Does it affect you at all (e.g. make you nervous, make you happy)? Nope, not at all, I didnt even realze it was the 13th at first :/
Its what jesus would freakin' do!

From the altfriday5

1. Do you celebrate any holidays in December? If yes, which ones, and why? If no, why not?
Yes, I celebrate Christmas because welll um...I just do, lol. No actually i celebrate it because I like getting free shtuf! haha no but really I like to celebrate Jeebuses birthday

2. How does the celebration of Christmas affect you (e.g., I like it, because it's my holiday; It doesn't affect me one way or the other; I hate it, because it symbolizes the socio-political dominance of Christianity, etc.)? Or, if Christmas is not the dominant December holiday where you live, how does the celebration of the dominant holiday affect you?
Really it just puts me in a better mood because everyone is so nice and happy, although stressed, but basically in a better mood. Another reason is i like giving gifts and making shtuff, so I can do that!

3. What do you feel Christmas is or has become (e.g. a secular holiday, a religious holiday, a celebration of consumption, etc.)?
I think its still a little bit of everything, to some its a celebration of consumption, ill admit it i like getting shtuff, and others its strictly a secular holiday, but most people I think of it as both a religious and sceular holiday.

4. Will you be giving any holiday gifts this year? If yes, to whom? In total, did you spend more or less this year than last year?
YES! Ever since I've been working and such I've bought gifts. This year I think I spent a lil bit more than last year but not much. This year I bought mostly for family but some friends.

5. If you could change one thing about how your December holiday(s) is(are) celebrated, what would it be? Or, if you don't celebrate any, if you could change one thing about how the dominant holiday is celebrated, what would it be?
I dont think I would change anything, except the rudeness of people out shopping, and the way everything is SOO commercialized... it annoys me... other than that everythings all good.
Hottness Izzy :P


From the altfriday5:

1. How well do you feel you know your own limits (physical, mental, emotional, etc.)? I think I know mine pretty well right now, but they're always changing some getting stronger other getting weaker.

2. When was the last time you pushed your limits? Mentally actually alot lately, but physically I think it was about a year ago after my surgery, that was when I pushed physically the hardest

3. Do you feel as though some of your limits are too low? In other words, do you find them frustrating? If yes, which ones, and why? I think my consious limits are too low, like I underestimate myself alot, but I think SUBCONSIOUSLY and while being pushed I have pretty good limits.

4. Have you ever been surprised by your limits (either pleasantly or unpleasantly)? If yes, tell us a bit about it. Actually I have, after my surgery I was pushed to the limit both physically and mentally and surpisingly I faired pretty well.

5. How do you feel your limits compare to the general population's? Are they higher than average, average, or lower than average? I hate compairing because as a rule there are to many variables that make ach situation different.